Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homestudy Update

As new homeowners, Mark and I are learning the ropes of home improvement. We've worked out a system--the inside of the house is my domain, and the outside is his. I mean come on, can anyone seriously picture me doing yard work wearing sequins and ruffles (and no, not wearing them is never an option)? Or Mark cooking and sewing drapes? Ugh, no, I didn't think so. We each have our own skills and that's what makes us a great team! As I was organizing the inside of our home in preparation for our homestudy visit, Mark was working on the backyard. Here he is planting flowers under our Olive tree:

I think they look great--the flowers AND my master gardener! :)

Now fast forward to Saturday morning--our first homestudy visit. It went well and was SO easy!!! Having heard from others that their visits lasted for 4 hours and included a very detailed inspection of their home, I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, ours lasted less than an hour! Our social worker totally rocked.  He came, got right to business, and left. My kind of person. We started out with a joint interview: he asked us why we wanted to adopt (which we will explain in a separate blog post) and other general questions. Then he moved to individual interviews. The sound of it made me nervous, but it was a piece of cake. He asked us each what our hobbies were, what our parents were like, our saddest/happiest childhood memory, our siblings' names, ages, and occupations, our educational background, and how we handled stress. He also answered some of our questions, told us what to expect through the process, and gave us pointers for when our child comes home. 

After the interviews he took a quick walk through our house. We ended up bonding over our Litter Robot--which as a side note is the best invention in the world. Don't believe me? Take Minnie and Raider's word for it: 
We were supposed to have our second/last visit Sunday, but the social worker's daughter was sick all Saturday night so we agreed to reschedule it for next weekend. He told us he'd have the homestudy draft completed before then so rescheduling won't delay anything. 

We were told that the average homestudy takes 3-6 months to complete. Well, if all continues to go as planned, it will have taken us less than one month from start to finish. Yay!

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  1. So excited to hear your homestudy visit went so well. Yay!