Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Phewf! We've been busy over the past couple of weeks! We've spent most of our time working on our homestudy. 

The homestudy is the first step in any adoption process, whether it be domestic or international. It's basically a detailed written report of the prospective adoptive family. It includes biographies, references, financial information, criminal clearances, medical examination reports, and other pieces of information.  

Here's a photo of me mailing our homestudy packet and praying it didn't get lost (it didn't--hallelujah!): 

In addition to the information packet, a livescan (digital fingerprints) is required. Here's Mark getting his done on his lunch break: 

The homestudy also requires home visits by a social worker. Ours are scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday. I guess it means I better clean our house?!! :)

For those of you who've been through a homestudy, what can we expect during our in-home visits? Any tips?


  1. I remember it being kind of fun when my parents did it. They just asked A LOT of questions. I bet my mom could tell you more, though.

  2. That's incredible that the process is moving along so quickly. I can't believe you're already having a social worker come for visits this weekend. Wow! When you get finished with your house, you're welcome to come over and clean mine. :-)