Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank you!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of our adoption. Knowing that you are there rallying behind us means so much! 

We are also incredibly thankful for the financial donations that we have already received. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Our biggest fear going into this was the financial aspect and to see money coming in without even asking is a true testament that God always provides for those whom He calls. 

Because our homestudy was completed so quickly, we now have the opportunity to submit our dossier, the next step in the process, before Ukraine's winter break (November 30 to February 1--during this time Ukraine doesn't accept any dossiers). This is extremely exciting but also presents a financial challenge. In order to even begin working on the dossier we need to submit a payment of $5,500 in agency fees. From the donations we've received thus far, we are able to cover $2,000 of this amount, but we still need to raise $3,500. Would you prayerfully consider donating to our adoption fund so that we can continue moving forward in the process? We would be eternally grateful. If you feel led to donate, please see the directions on the right side of the page under the donate banner. Every little bit helps!

Lastly, thank you to those who are praying for us and our child. This is truly the most important way you can continually support us!

Дякую! (That's thank you in Ukrainian!) 


  1. Are you planning to do a fundraiser to raise funds for your adoption? I would be happy to donate a bag of Choffy towards it. We also adopted from Ukraine in 2008 and I know how pricey it can be. Email me at Thanks!

  2. Yes, we are! I will send you an email with additional information. Thanks so much, Jill!