Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Details about R

Our last few visits have been great.  Nothing too major to report because we pretty much do the same thing everyday--play hide-n-seek, R gets carried around by papa, R takes a million photos and videos, we enjoy a snack consisting of a juice box and a piece of fruit, and we've started incorporating playing an educational (English learning) app on the iPad. She has really been rockin' the Reading Raven app. We love it when she reads the words aloud and it records her voice.  Her accent is sooo cute! Listen for yourself:

Today poor R came into the room limping.  She hurt her knee somehow, but we aren't sure how she did it.  Using the translator on our phone, we asked her how she hurt her leg, but instead of answering the question she typed "I love you" in Ukrainian.  We were so touched that she told us that without being prompted. We sure love her too!

Many of you have been asking for more details about R.  Although I can't share much, I can tell you her age.  She is a 10 year old beauty!  Maybe that's surprising, but God has made it so abundently clear that she is OUR girl.  How thankful we are that the Lord's plan is always mightier and more unpredictable than we could ever imagine.  Looking back, we can see how God has opened our minds to His will and led us to R through each step of our journey.  R's pure heart and strong character continue to amaze us and make us proud as we get to know her more each day.  And wow does she share so many personality traits with me and Mark.  She's spunky, persistent, and already teaching her mama and papa a thing or two!  A true Jackson!

On a discouraging note, it appears we're going to be here awhile longer.  It doesn't look like the SDA will process our paperwork until Wednesday.  The soonest available court date would be the next day, Thursday, March 7, or Monday, March 11 (Friday the 8th is a holiday).  Then add on ten days after that for the mandatory waiting period and an additional week to get R's passport, visa, medical exam, and embassy appointment.  That means we're looking at being here until the end of March.  We're trusting in God's perfect timing and are praying for a miracle to get us out of here sooner. We'd appreciate if you'd do the same!


  1. So fun to get to hear her voice! And so sweet that she said she loved you unsolicited!

    Praying that God gives you peace and a reminder that the timetable is in His hands - and whether that means He speeds things up and allows you guys to get home earlier, or that He has a purpose for you being there longer than you had hoped - that He'll use you for His glory during whatever time remains while you're there!

    But I do pray with you that He might choose for a shorter timetable to be possible! And I pray for continued really precious time with R while you're able to be removed from the distractions and responsibilities of "real life" back home!

  2. Awww she sounds so cute and wow she learning quick!! I am sorry that you guys have to stay longer. Maybe God has a reason though. Things are going really well last Sunday we went to a Rock and Worship Road Show Concert and they had Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Family Force Five, Kutless, and other bands. We were in the back of the stage but there was a huge screen that showed the singers really close so actually, we got the best seats in the house!! It was really fun. I am still praying for you guys and we all miss you!!!

  3. She is so adorable. I will continue to pray for you all.

  4. I love reading your blog everyday, found it through a link on Christine Reeds blog 'smiles and trials' . :)

    My husband and I adopted an 8 year old, now 13, from Kazakhstan back in 2008. It is quite an interesting adventure.

    I hope your timeline chanes and you're able to head home with R sooner. :)

  5. Her accent is so sweet!!! She is a smart girl :) When we were adopting from Russia, we were told we needed a week to get it all done. Her visa was ready the next day!!!! God knew I needed to get home! A toddler in a tiny hotel room with no kitchen was not easy or fun! Our pick up trip was 4 days total and that is only bc we couldn't get an earlier flight. Praying things happen quickly for you too!

  6. Anna says, WOW she is adorable I cant wait to meet her and she is learning so fast I didnt even learn that quick. Well have fun for the rest of the time you are there i cant wait till you come home. Talk to you soon :)

    Anna Reed