Saturday, February 23, 2013

Recent Visits

The last few days have been filled with great visits with our girl.  

On Thursday, she was adorable (as always) in a pink sweatshirt and her hair had braids, butterfly clips, and rubber bands.   These girls in the orphanage seriously know how to do hair!  As soon as she saw us, she gave us each a big hug and I also got a kiss!  She took our hands and led us to our playroom for the evening.  We brought along a fashion design sketchpad with some stencils for us to draw clothes and accessories on the girls outlined in the book.  We had a lot of fun coloring and naming the colors.  We also did some drawings of our family and she practiced writing and saying her new name. 
First Family Portrait
Then papa took R on a horsey ride, carried her around piggyback, and zoomed her around the room--which she loved! She pointed for papa to go in another room and she showed us where she slept.  A whole bunch of little pink beds lined the room.  It was cute but also sad knowing the other kids filling these beds don’t have a papa or a mama to tuck them in at night.
R's bed is the last one on the right
Next we took a snack break and gave her a red apple (which she told us was her favorite fruit yesterday) and a juice box.  She shared her apple with both of us and made sure we each got a drink from her juice box.  She is just the sweetest thing.

After our snack time our facilitator came in and we got to her ask R some questions about her interests.  Here are the results:
  • Favorite Color: yellow
  • Favorite things to do: play outside, go swimming, make jewelry
  • Favorite animal: bear
  • Dog or cat: cat
  • Favorite cartoon: Luntic (??)
  • Favorite TV show: music TV
  • Favorite subject: Math
  • If you got a coat, what color would you want: Red or Orange
  • If you were to wear something dressy, what color would you like: Yellow
  • Future profession: caretaker in Kindergarten
  • Subjects studied at school: reading, English, math, beginning computer, health, behavior, nature, music, physical training lessons, logistics, literature, and grammar
  • Likes to sing and dance—singing best

Friday was a busy day spent at the notary, inspectors office, and the local medical clinic to get some of R's medical records. The pediatrician was very kind and we are grateful for the good care she’s given R.

Upon entering the clinic, we were greeted with a big bucket of...hmm...
Afterwards we were able to swing by the orphanage and spend some time with R. We drew some pictures and labeled the items in both English and Ukrainian (she speaks Ukrainian, not Russian…guess we got the wrong Rosetta Stone), played catch with, and later ate, an orange, and our facilitator measured her to try and figure out her clothing size.

Today, Saturday, we got to have TWO visits with R!  Oh happy day.  This morning we had a lot of fun putting together a girly lego set.  It was the first thing we’ve done where she didn’t say “telephone??” every few minutes.  She loved the lego set and was really good at it!  She followed the directions to a tee and would say “no papa” or “no mama” when we picked up the wrong piece.  She’s already outsmarting us!  We are also starting to see more and more of her spunky personality.  Or as the director described, she has "a character."  Seeing as though she’s a Jackson, it only makes sense! 
Our Lego Creation--a dog grooming palace!
Before our evening visit, we were able to have a phone company come out to our apartment and install Internet--woohoo! For the fastest speed it was a whopping $20 for an entire month of service.  I'd say that was a $20 well spent.

Our evening visit consisted of putting together a 3D puzzle of a castle, Mark carrying R around, and enjoying a juicebox. As always, our time went by too quick! 


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  2. I love her so much! This journey reminds me that God is able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine! Yay! Yay! Yay! Love, Kim Pellet

  3. I am very excited for you! Just FYI, the western half of Ukraine speaks Ukrainian and the eastern half of Ukraine speaks Russian. However, all official Ukrainian paperwork is in Ukraine. We adopted from Donets'k region (very eastern) but our official paperwork is in Ukrainian. Odd.

    Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet "R"!

    1. That's very interesting (and seems confusing for people who live here!). Since we came on a blind referral, we didn't know what region of Ukraine we'd be traveling to. We figured Russian was a safer bet. Whoops!
      I've heard great things about Donets'k. Thanks for following along!

  4. There's a Luntik app. Just in case you wondered. Our girls loved that app in their first few months home.

    1. Ah, thank you for the suggestion! I wasn't sure what she was talking about. I'll look into it!