Sunday, February 24, 2013

Remaining Timeline

Mark and I are enjoying our time in our new city.  Our apartment is comfortable, cozy, and in a great location.  Compared to Kiev, fewer people smoke and it isn't as crowded. And of course the best thing about our new city is that we get to spend time with our girl!  It's been nice to get more into a routine and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The frozen Dneiper River, complete with hundreds of crazy ice fishermen
Stray furry friends are everywhere
Monday our paperwork will be submitted to the SDA in Kiev.  They have up to a week to process it, but we are praying that it's done more quickly.  After the paperwork is processed, we can apply for a court date.  We aren't sure how long it will take to get a date, but this region of Ukraine usually schedules hearings pretty quickly.  Then, after court, there's a standard 10-day waiting period, although, while rare, the court can waive this step. After the waiting is up (and she's officially ours!), we get R's passport, visa, and finish up a few documents, all of which normally takes a week.  So as you can see, a lot of uncertainty exists.  We could be on a plane to the US in two weeks or it could be another month.  Please pray for us to be home as quick as possible. We have family, friends, fur babies, Mark's work, and mexican food to attend to! :)


  1. Praying that God's timing will be absolutely perfect - including that He'll have you see the judge who will be just perfect for you guys to be in front of.

    And I love that on the priority list was Mexican food. That is so, so, so true being overseas. Ha ha. I learned how to make the best chicken enchiladas - complete with tortillas by scratch - out of desperation when I was in Lithuania because all I wanted was Mexican food and (obviously) nothing resembling (even semi-authentic) Mexican food can be found overseas (especially for a Southern Californian! :-) It's very funny when my friends here now end up having my enchiladas and ask where my recipe is from and I tell them Lithuania. Needless to say I get some funny looks and it causes a little confusion. Hee, hee.

    Each time I pick my family up from the airport when they return from SE Asia from another 3.5 years they debate in the car if we're stopping for In & Out or Mexican food...ahh the things you can't get overseas! Ha!

    Praying for you guys!

    1. Thank you for your prayers!
      Too funny you mentioned In-n-Out. It was our last meal before boarding the plane. In-n-Out and Mexican food will be our first two meals home :)
      Your enchiladas sound amazing!

  2. Anna says, Wow you guys look like you guys are having fun cant wait till you guyes bring her home i cant wait to meet her.

    Love Anna