Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day

We were off to a somewhat late start today. By that I mean that we went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 1pm. Whatever, at least we were able to get some sleep! We ate lunch at an undisclosed location. And by undisclosed let's just say it starts with Mc and ends with Donalds. And you know what? I don't even feel bad about it anymore because it's sadly been one of the best meals we've had here. I swear it tastes better than at home--I heard its because they don't put MSG's in the food. Whatever the reason I'll take it.

After lunch we ventured onto the metro. Considering everything was in Russian, it wasn't too hard to navigate. Here's Mark waiting for the train:
We took the metro to the Chernobyl museum. We had actually contemplated visiting the city of Chernobyl, but after we heard that you have to take anti-radiation medicine based on your gender and weight and wear a meter that warns you when you have only 30 minutes of "safe" exposure left, we decided to pass. I don't really want to come home with three legs if I can help it. So with that in mind we decided the museum would be a nice compromise. With admission costing only $1 per person we figured we didn't have much to lose. Well...I'd say we got about $2 worth. Everything was in Russian, so unfortunately I left knowing as much about Chernobyl as I did before our visit. Oh well, it was a fun outing. Here we are at the museum:

After the museum we took the metro back to our apartment and stopped and got groceries. It took us about 5 minutes to find a carton of eggs that hadn't already expired. I'm wondering if the expiration dates here are different than in the US. We asked for turkey in Russian at the deli counter and they had no clue what we meant. Seeing as though Mark's Russian is perfect :), I can only imagine they don't have turkey lunch meat. Perhaps its like asking for boar back home? ha! We also got some Top Ramen (at least we think that's what it is) and ice cream. The ice cream is delicious (yes I already tried some) and the top of it looks so pretty (or it did before I ate it).
It snowed all day today which was a fun change. By the end of the day there was even more snow than this photo shows: 
We miss our home, family, friends, and pets but are enjoying the experience of a totally new culture!


  1. Just wanted to tell you about the dates - most likely they are in reversed order when it comes to month and day compared to the US.

  2. Hi Guys!!
    The Top Ramen is SOOO good!! We brought it back from Ukraine and I thought it was the best thing ever. I love the oil that they add. We like to crush ours up and eat it plain ha ha. That's cool that it snowed. Yesterday it snowed here and it was so beautiful. It was sort of heavy and really cold. I heard the ice cream is really good there but I haven't been able to try it. I'm glad things are going good.

  3. Fun post, Jenny! Really enjoyed reading it. Your Chernobyl thing amused me greatly.

  4. Ask someone to show u the pizza place with a red, white & green flag on the sign. It is the best pizza ever & wasn't far from the square. Each pizza is only big enough for 1 person but wonderful! Also try the yogurt it is out of this world & I long for it now! The juices in a big box is great too! CARA

  5. The Chernobyl Museum has little hand-held "tour translators" that tell you about each exhibit in English! I wonder why they didn't offer them to you?