Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark!

Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday.  Spending his big day in Ukraine isn't the most ideal way to celebrate, but we are happy to be together for a birthday he will probably never forget.

To start the day off, I made a special breakfast.  I whipped out the tortillas and Baker's green hot sauce I had smuggled in my suitcase and made egg and potato breakfast burritos.  Let me tell you, hot sauce has never tasted so good.

After breakfast we went to get ready but discovered our hot water was out again (3rd time in two weeks).  Except this time it was worse.  The cold water (normally yellow/green) had a brown hue and was spewing out brown dirt (?) clumps. Lovely.

In the afternoon we went and visited R.  I brought birthday hats and ice cream bars to have a little family party.  I'm pretty sure she's never celebrated her birthday before so this was a new experience.  I had told her a couple of days ago that it was going to be papa's birthday and asked if she could make him a card or draw him a picture.  She told me she'd bring him something she made at school that she got 12/12 on.  Mark loved it and was very proud of her perfect score.

For dinner we went to our favorite spot in town, a delicious Japanese restaurant that reminds us of home. Don't worry, I didn't eat the sushi (although I would have loved to!).

I'm so thankful for Mark and what a blessing he is to me.  He loves me unconditionally, spoils me, and makes me laugh like none other.  There's no one else I could survive Ukraine with! Happy Birthday my love!


  1. Happy Birthday Mark! ~from The San Diego Jackson Gang :-D

  2. Anna said, Happy birthday Mr.Jackson I hope you had fun!!!! Did you like the ice cream and the party hats? Well have fun and hope to see you soon

    Love Anna:)

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson! Way to rock that party hat! That's cool that you guys had a nice day, I love sushi! That's cool for R, I can tell that she is going to be great in school, and on anything else she tries! I'm sorry about the water, that's a bummer. BSF went well.
    Hope that you guys have a great day!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Mr.Jackson wish you a good one!!!
    Hate to break it to you, but Mr. Jackson but whats up with your blue shirt? Don't you know that the San Francisco Giants are SOOO much bosser?! lol hahah
    miss you both!

  5. Love your posts! Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday! We sure miss you guys. Can't wait to meet R.