Saturday, March 9, 2013

Translator and Cards

It's crazy to think that we met our daughter less than three weeks ago. There's already such a high level of comfort and love it seems as though we've been together forever.

Our Google phone translator has been really helpful in getting to know her better. We told her that we were going to court on Monday where she would be officially declared our daughter. She was so happy! We also asked if she was excited to go to America and live with us. She said "tak" (yes)!!!!! We're hoping these positive feelings about moving from the orphanage to America will last as we transition home. Even though she's going into a "better" situation, we can't even imagine how hard it would be to leave the one place you've lived your entire life, say goodbye to the friends you've grown up with, and enter into a completely new culture with a new language. This kid is brave!

We also told her we were going to get her some new clothes next week and asked what kind she liked. She typed "ANY!! ALL!!!!" We've really been impressed that she doesn't seem to put much value in materialism. We asked her what gift she would like if she could choose any one she wanted, and, after thinking for a couple minutes, she just typed "I don't know." Most 10 year olds in the US could probably come up with a list of 20 things they want at any given moment.  Yet R, not owning a single thing, couldn't even come up with one.  Along this same line, when we bring a big snack, she usually leaves the room to give some to her groupa across the hall.  I love and admire her generosity and appreciation of family, rather than all the "things" America has to offer.

And the last, and probably most important fact we've learned using the translator...she told us her favorite food is a tomato. Haha!

Besides using the translator, another thing we've incorporated into our daily visits is playing cards. It took us awhile to find a complete deck here (we kept seeing decks of 32 cards...weird), but we're so thankful we found some! It's been a fun activity that keeps everyone involved.  So far she's learned Go Fish, Crazy 8s, and Old Maid. She loves Old Maid and thinks its the best thing in the world when papa loses (haha). Here we are after loosing:

Poor Papa, after his second loss of the day...with five more to come :)
Poor Mama

Our court date is this Monday at 4pm Ukrainian time. Please pray for it to go smoothly so that we can move on to the final stages of our adoption process.


  1. You're the cutest losers EVER!!

  2. I'll be sure to put some extra plants in our garden this spring so R can come pick all the tomatoes she can eat.

  3. Anna says, Wow that seems so exciting to finally know your court date.You guys are so funny when you lose (in a good way.) Hope to see you soon I cant wait. So glade to hear you guys are going home soon cant wait to meet her. Shes a winner.:) cant wait till the next blog post to see how your court day goes:)

    Love Anna :)

  4. Wow she is so precious! She has such a sweet and giving heart! Ha ha I remember leaving my orphanage and crying a little because I was going to miss my friends. She must be so excited! That's cool that she knows all of those games. Sorry that you guys keep losing! ;) I am praying that the court date goes well!!! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you!