Saturday, April 6, 2013

First day of School

Yesterday was Ruslana's first day of school.
We arrived a little early to meet her teacher and get her settled.  With about ten minutes to spare before school began, we asked her if she wanted to sit at her desk or go out on the playground with the other kids.  Being the brave soul that she is, she was ready to play!  And just like that, she was off exploring the field.  A group of girls in her class came up to us and asked us how to say "hi" in Ukrainian because they wanted to be able to talk to her. They were the sweetest girls who literally chased Ruslana around the field to talk to her and make her feel welcome.  I found out later that this same group of girls also took her to the cafeteria, showed her where to find the food, and ate with her. I am so thankful for these girls!  The principal and teachers were also incredibly welcoming and went out of their way to make her first day go as smoothly as possible.  So far I am very impressed with the school.

When I picked Ruslana up she was very happy.  She had a great day! She told me that she liked school, her teachers, and that her favorite thing was "the children."  She also told me that she got to work on the computer, something that she really enjoys.  I'm amazed by our little girl's brave attitude.  In her position, I would have been paralyzed with fear! 

To celebrate her first day of school, we went to Chick-Fil-A to get an ice cream cone and play in the playground.  She had so much fun playing with the other kids.  I'm beginning to see just how important social interaction with other children is for her, which helps solidify our decision to put her in school so quickly.


  1. I just wanted to stop by and say Hello! I found your blog doing the blog-hop (where someone links to someone who links to someone who links to you.) I love finding blogs this way because otherwise I’d have missed out on meeting some amazing families through the years.

    I’m 33 and we are waiting to start our family for a few different reasons. I started getting the “you’re getting too old” comments at 30 from my mom which bothered me at first and frankly scared me to death. I did some additional research about the effects of age and having babies. The subject lead me down a path of statistics about special needs and down syndrome and it’s prominence the older the mother is. I panicked at first and immediately decided that I was past the point of no return and I wasn’t even going to try and have any. Up until then the only interaction I had ever had with someone who had special needs was the gentleman at the store who bagged your groceries. I wasn’t sure how to interact with him and as a result always felt uncomfortable and unsure of myself. Then one day I stumbled on a blog about a little girl with Down Syndrome. I haven’t looked back since and have developed an understanding and appreciation of not only the person but their friends, parents, and care takers. It’s really amazing what a blog can teach you. It’s like getting a chance to sit down and have an hour long chat with an expert but in this case complete with pictures and commentary.

    The special needs community has always been a strong supporter of adoption which up until now has always been an option but never favored. I thought it would be nice to adopt but I still wanted my own – blood of my blood.. a combination of us both. I wanted to look at my child and see my husband and know that we had created this life. I still felt that way up until I read your blog and got the chance to “meet” Ruslana. Most adoption blogs are for young babies or toddlers and while they are adorable they have such a limited understanding of what is happening. I thought to myself “aww that’s nice” but it never got to me – never tugged at my heart in that special way. Getting to see Ruslana and really feel the emotion from her perspective in your photos did it. I found myself eagerly waiting for the next update – the next photo – the next story. I love the fact that you keep it real and talk about the good with the bad. I love how darn cute she is.

    Reading your blog has given adoption a whole new level of depth for us and I really can’t thank you enough. I hope you will continue to blog about your family well into the future but I also know from experience that isn’t always easy to do. As new parents – you guys are busy! =) So from one update to the next (or never again if life gets too full) just know that your story has touched me in a special way.

    A dedicated reader and fan

  2. she is incredible beautiful. hope to see the next update! hugs from argentina