Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Mother's Day

This year was my first Mother's Day as a mom.  My darling hubby presented me with a dozen red roses and breakfast when I woke up.  Now that's something I could get used to!  When Ruslana climbed out of bed I could tell that Mark was trying to get her to wish me a happy Mother's Day. Let's just say my blissful morning didn't pan out how I had imagined.  Was I greeted with a grand Mother's Day wish or a big hug?  Nope.  She literally refused to wish me a happy Mother's Day.  Then she ran away and hid.  Finally, she ran up to me, said "happy Mother's Day" as fast as she possibly could, and ran away from me.  Not quite the heartfelt message I was hoping to hear.

As the day progressed, however, it got better.  We spent lunch at my mom's house and I discovered that the night before she had worked on some goodies for me with grandma.  She had colored a mug and filled it with chocolate, wrote in a Toy Story (currently one of her favorite movies) card, and got a balloon for me.  Unlike earlier in the day, she seemed excited to present me with her gifts and wish me a happy Mother's Day. Here we are with the goods:

Later on in the evening she presented me with a few additional things she had made, including a paper airplane with her photo (yes, that's an original from the orphanage...) and a paper she made at school.  The teacher let her type on a translator for her message so it's written in Ukrainian and English.  I'm still trying to figure out what it means...

In addition to celebrating the day with Ruslana, baby boy helped me feel special by giving me some extra kicks.  He's growing like crazy and I can hardly believe we are going to meet him soon. Here he is cookin' at 30 weeks:
Later on in the week we celebrated with Mark's mom, who was out of town on Mother's Day Sunday.  We had a fun time eating Ruslana's favorite food, pizza!

Here's to the worlds most important, and challenging job--motherhood!


  1. I'm glad that the day turned around and you ended up being well celebrated on Mother's Day - by all your family members! :-)

  2. This is fun! I am so happy you got goodies from your girl and your boy!

  3. Hi, I've been following your journey with Ruslana, you are amazing family!I've ttranslated the note for you.
    The translator messed it up a bit. It says : Greetings!I will miss you. I love you. Let you always be healthy and happy! I can give you a gift. May you never be sick.

  4. Glad your Mother's Day got better. I know how bumpy the adjustment can be for an internationally adopted child. Just know that she loves you and that this love will only continually grow. Beautiful photos. Praying for you guys.

  5. The last thing I intend here is offense, so I'm hoping you get what in trying to say.

    I'm not sure how one can expect their newly adopted older child to act all happy and lovey on Mother's Day. Perhaps she is thinking of her birth family, perhaps the day itself brought up big feelings and difficult memories. I don't know how else to say this without sounding rude but I'm not trying to be, but just maybe her reaction wasn't about you, hurting you, not loving you. She's a little girl who's been through a lot (I'm speculating, you of course know her not I) so to expect a "normal" reaction to Mother's Day and not get it...I just think maybe it was too much about how you felt/what you wanted and not how she might be feeling on such a day.

    Anyways I do apologize for the tone of this comment, from reading I know you're a great mom and I'm glad you are all a family. Just throwing out my perspective here.

  6. Hi, I wonder if Ruslana thought she should wait until she gave you the gifts she had made before wishing you a Happy Mothers Day. The language must be very difficult and confusing for her, even though she's doing quite well. Also, the day must open up old wounds about her birth mother and/or lack of mothering before you adopted her. I hope the whole situation wasn't too frustrating for her. Don't take her actions personally.