Wednesday, May 1, 2013

San Diego

We spent the weekend in San Diego with my mom and sister to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We had a lot of fun on our little getaway and were able to expose Ruslana to a lot of new things. She went on her first vacation, saw and swam in the ocean, went in the "hot pool" (jacuzzi), rode in a four person bike, ate at Old Town Mexican Café, and went to the zoo.

Right outside of our hotel "bungalow"--not bad!

Pool Time
Ruslana, myself, my mom, and my sister
Floating in an intertube
Playing with a beach ball with grandma and aunt Laura
First time in the ocean (in her PJ's!)
Riding a bike around the hotel property
Hanging with a camel at the San Diego Zoo
Ruslana and Papa looking at the lions
Riding the bus...poor lonely me
Looking at the giraffes from the bus                                          
Riding the sky 10 year old is braver than me
Family shot at the zoo
I feel so blessed to have a family to celebrate with and look forward to the next getaway!

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