Monday, May 6, 2013

Successful Week

We've had a pretty good week.  Ruslana's behavior has been improving and she's made it a week without being put in time out.  That's a big accomplishment for us! We hope and pray this improving behavior continues.

Recently, we went to the dentist where she had two fillings done.  Last time we visited the dentist, she said "no" to putting on a bib, "no" to putting anything in her mouth, and "no" to leaning back in the chair.  So prior to this visit I told her that she needed to obey the dentist and do what he said.  Thankfully she took the talk to heart because she did great!  I was worried about how she'd react to the fillings, but she took them like a champ.  In fact, she did so well that the dentist plans on doing more than two fillings at our next visit.  Which is a good thing because she actually has 10 cavities, not 9 like I originally thought.
Our awesome dentist who wears a Laker Jersey and a backwards hat while filling cavities.
Thank you, Dr. Chu!
In addition to her dental triumph, she had a successful report from school.  She got 100% on her very first spelling test.  Woohoo!  I'm so proud of her.  She also got an award for perfect attendance for the month of April.  I thought this was pretty funny because 1) she started school after April began and 2) they gave her the award before the month was even over.  Regardless, I'll take it! Don't tell her, but perfect attendance was something her mama never achieved!
And the third successful event of the week? Mark and I were able to go out on a date and it rocked!  It was nice being able to spend time together and focus on each other.  I saw a cheesy photo booth and knew we had to get our pictures taken.  The second photo still makes me smile:
Fingers crossed this week will bring more triumphs!


  1. Congratulations on your recent triumphs! Praying that there are many, many more to come. I know all too well how precious these triumphs really are and I loved reading about Ruslana's.

  2. Hey Mark and Jenny,

    We're adopting from Ukraine and will probably be traveling there this summer. Quick question...what did you guys do for internet access? It looks like you had no trouble posting blogs while there, so that's encouraging. I'm going to try to do a little work/business in the late evening hours while it's mid-day here in the states, if at all possible. Did you have one method of internet access in Kiev, but something different while in R's home city? Much appreciated! -Russ