Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hosting Update Take Two

It makes me extremely happy to announce that Denis and Alyona have been hosted!!! This was made possible due to an extremely generous financial donation.  THANK YOU to the donor (an absolute saint) and the families who have opened up their homes! All six members of Ruslana's groupa are headed to California in just four short weeks and have families waiting to love on them.  I couldn't be more excited for them!  We plan on meeting the children at the airport so Ruslana can see them.  I can't wait to see their reactions being reunited on American soil!

God's Waiting Children, the organization that is bringing the children over, still has four older boys, from an orphanage just outside of Ruslana's hometown of Cherkasy, that are looking for host families.  Mark and I were able to visit them during their hosting interviews, and these are great kids. Please share the information below with any family that may be interested in hosting them.  They are running out of time :(
Max--age 14:
Future scientist!  Although he wants to become a chef and own his own restaurant, we think he has even higher potential--maybe a futuristic restaurant based on chemical reactions!  Max is inquisitive, polite, and educated.  He is hoping his dream of coming to America this summer will come true.  He is a great boy and would be lots of fun to host over the summer. 
Alex "Sasha"--age 14:
Sasha is a very gifted at drawing.  He took first place in a drawing competition and has won a significant prize and even a laptop from the Minister of Military in Ukraine.  He is humble, shy, and doesn't like to brag.  He dreams of joining a family with older siblings.  He is a very diligent student in all subjects.  In his free time he likes to read.   His dream is to visit the USA, specifically a museum and an amusement park.  He'd also like to learn how to ride a bike and visit the circus.  Any family who hosts Sasha will be blessed by the experience.
Valeriy--age 13:
Valeriy is a very clever and inquisitive boy.  He'd love to help around the house and likes the countryside.  He said he could help with everything, apart from milking a cow, but if they showed him how, he'd do it! He'd love to visit Disneyland and the beach.  He'd also like to learn to ride a scooter.  When asked what he'd like as a present, he said that he would like parents.  He likes to read books, watch cartoons, and play with friends. He's a very cheerful, friendly, and positive kid.  He will truly bless his host family.
Vlad--age 15:
Vlad is a sporty guy!  He likes outdoor activities, especially soccer.  His speech is very good and he articulates well.   His dream is to be educated, have a home, and a good life.  He's a very good student and a great helper to the adults. He also likes little children, especially hiking and swimming with them.  He said the only thing he doesn't like to do is the hair of little girls (haha). He'd like a soccer uniform as a present. This is his last opportunity to come for hosting before he turns 16. 
***There is a family interested in hosting Vlad, however they are trying to fundraise to see if they can get enough money together in time. If you're interested in donating towards Vlad's hosting fund, please let me know. 
For more information on the hosting program, read my previous blog here.

Contact Laurel Boylan at (559) 316-4823 or (866) 468-3089 or for any additional information. 

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