Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Week

This week wasn't one of our best.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we created a weekly chores chart for Ruslana, where she gets checks for completing daily activities like doing her homework, watering the plants, and obeying.  We thought including "obeying" as one of her daily tasks would be a good way to keep her accountable and incentivize compliant behavior.  Sadly though, out of the past seven days, Ruslana receive a check for obeying only twice.  We've had complaints from teachers at school, meltdowns, and defiance issues.  Even though Ruslana had a though week behaviorally, looking at her entire time with us at home, we've seen significant overall improvement.  Today the chore chart starts over and we have high hopes for her getting all seven "obey" checks this coming week!

Although it has been a tough week, we've also had some bright moments (hallelujah):
  • She got 100% on her last spelling test--making that her fourth (out of four) 100%! 
  • She's started doing Rosetta Stone English and has been doing great. It's so cute hearing her accent when she speaks into the microphone. 
  • We attended Uncle Cody's medical school graduation and had a fun time celebrating.  We are so proud of him! 
  • She got her bangs touched up and was well behaved.  Big shout out to Jenessa at the Chief Behr Salon for being so wonderful! 
  • She talks about her baby brother often and is always very loving toward him.  She asked me where his bathroom would be (if only we could skip the diaper stage), if he can sleep with her, that she would give him her bed, and that he needs more clothes because he is going to spit up on them.  She genuinely seems excited to be a big sister and I couldn't be happier.  I've purposefully tried to put the focus on her so that she feels loved and is not overshadowed with a new baby coming, but I think now she truly knows that we love her to pieces and that it won't change for anything--including a new baby coming into the picture. 
Hopefully the next few days will bring an obedient heart and checks on her chore chart!

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  1. It can definitely be a real struggle. Keep up the good work.