Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Time

Ruslana's a free woman--she had her final day of school last Thursday! I decided to set up a daily schedule for the summer because she does the best when she is busy and in a routine.  I'm attempting to use the time to continue bonding, increase her English skills, and work on math.  It's been a fun and challenging experience putting on my "teacher hat" and making out lesson plans.  So far we've done math workbooks, timed multiplication tests, Rosetta Stone, typing, reading books, spelling, and learning practical skills like cooking and cleaning.

In addition to essentially homeschooling, Ruslana started her swimming lessons and gymnastics this week.  I'll admit, I was slightly nervous about her taking swimming lessons.  While her orphanage had a "pool," she was only allowed to walk in the water and they told her she could only get water up to a certain point on her chest.  She followed these same rules in our pool at home and has had a few meltdowns when we tried to get her to swim or go deeper in the water.  Leading up to the swimming lessons, Ruslana kept telling us how hard swimming was.  I replied by telling her that it was easy, that babies swim, and that she'd be great at it.

Ruslana ended up doing great and after just her first lesson she told me that swimming was fun and easy!  She's looking forward to continuing the lessons and I'm looking forward to seeing her turn into a little fish!

Her first gymnastics class also went great.  She had a lot of fun tumbling, working on the bars, and standing up on the balance beam.  I think she looks so cute in her little leotard!  Man, what I'd do for her legs!
Ruslana and Grandmother

To top off our week, Ruslana is now cavity free! Bye bye are the days of having black teeth and 10 cavities.  She now has clean, white teeth to show off!
Showing off her dental treasures--a deck of cards, a sticker, and her pearly whites!
Having survived the first week of summer, I can't wait to see what the rest of it holds.  It's hard to believe that baby brother will be here in just 5 weeks (or if I'm lucky even sooner!).  Ruslana can't wait and neither can we!


  1. Love seeing her beautiful smiling face and to see how well she's adjusting. Like Ruslana, Cava loves the water and gymnastics.

  2. I bet Ruslana and Cava would be great friends if we lived closer!

  3. It's so fun to watch Ruslana's progress since she and Avonlea came home near the same time. What a joy to see her smile so much and watch her bloom!

  4. We love watching Avonlea blossom as well! What a beautiful girl!