Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Levi Samuel Jackson
Born Thursday, July 18 at 4:24 am
weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces
and measuring 20.5" long

Another spunky Jackson enters the world
One minute old
Getting checked up in the nursery
Weighing in
Love at first sight 
Family of Four
I love my family
Proud big sister
"I have eyes! Can't wait to see you!"
The delivery was relatively quick, which resulted in me receiving NO pain medication of any kind! It's not what I had planned (or would wish on anyone!), but in hindsight I'm glad our little guy was born with no medication in his body. We are so extremely thankful and blessed to have received our special gift of a perfectly healthy baby boy. Ruslana loves being a big sister and beams whenever she talks about or holds her little brother.

Thank you for all your prayers and support over the last 10 months.  Levi's quite a trooper to have endured two months in Ukraine during the winter and we can't wait to see what the Lord's plan is for his life. 


  1. congratulations! your son is adorable! and your daughter! and both of you! love your family!

  2. What a cutie can't wait to meet Levi!!!

  3. Congrats! What a beautiful family! Happy for you guys.

  4. Congratulations and praise God! What a beautiful boy. This made my day today. I am so happy for all of you.

  5. He is gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!! You have a beautiful family!

  6. He is just incredibly adorable. Such a beautiful baby! Much love to you all, hope to see you soon. xoxoxo

  7. what beautiful newss!!!! congratulations from argentina!

  8. Yay! Congratulations!!! (And I don't know why I had this open forever but never commented...I guess it's just prolonging the festivities saying it late, right?)

    And about your other post - how did I totally miss quite how close we live?!

    The Padres/Dodgers game probably should have made me think about it more, but the beach thing was what made me realize I must have been missing it all along! Ha!

    Now I'll have to keep my eyes open - we're very much in the same area! So fun! :-)

    Praying you guys are doing well adjusting to being a family of four!