Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Summer

We've had a good summer so far.  Ruslana's behavior has dramatically improved since she has been out of school.  Even though she told us that she liked school, I wonder if it was an underlying stresser.  It's been great having her home every day and our bonding has improved dramatically.

Some of the things we've been up to:
  • Ruslana is continuing to love her swimming lessons and has become quite the fish. 
  • A teacher (an absolute angel) from R's school is meeting with Ruslana three times a week to help her with her English and math.  Ruslana loves her and it's been a major blessing for our family. 
  • R saw her first movie in the movie theatre (Monsters University):
  • She's taken an interest in doing her nails (which I, of course, love):

  • We met with Laurel, the director of God's Waiting Children, for the first-time in person:  
  • Ruslana bought something for the first time using her chore money--a toy car.  While we know that she loves this movie, it was a surprising choice to us.  Even more odd is that she still hasn't opened it or played with it. Hmm...
  • Her eating is hardly an issue now.  Restaurants are a lot funner now! 

  • We baked Scarlett (our dog) a cheese dog cake in the shape of a dog bone to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  Yes...we're a little crazy, but it sure was fun! And Scarlett loved it!
  • Mark and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by spending the night at the hotel where we were married six years ago. It was a fabulous getaway and Ruslana had a blast staying at her grandma's house (and getting spoiled!): 

Full circle--38 weeks pregnant in the room
where we had our wedding reception
  • With only two weeks to go until my due date, we are anxiously waiting to meet our sweet boy.  Ruslana also can't wait to be a big sister: 

This is certainly a summer we will never forget--it'll be our very first summer with both of our kiddos.  We are so very blessed and happy!


  1. Yay! Love your updates! Continuing to pray though I've not said it for awhile.

  2. So happy that Ruslana is adjusting so well. :)

  3. Glad to see Ruslana adjusting and blossoming in your beautiful family.

  4. I love reading your story Jenny. Good luck as you prep for baby!

  5. i can not believe how beautiful ruslana is!!! so so beautiful. you can see the love in her eyes. hoping to see the new baby soon. hugs from argentina

  6. That sounds great cant wait till the baby is due.