Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shoe Drive

Check out this fundraiser a friend of mine is doing to raise money for her Ukrainian adoption:

The DeHoog family resides in Southern California, however shoe pick ups can be done all across the United States. Contact Laura at 951-205-1545 to coordinate a pick up.  

To learn more about the family and fundraiser, read a newspaper article here and watch a video here

By donating your old shoes you'll clean out your closet, help the shoeless in third world countries, and contribute to an international adoption.  It's a triple win! 


  1. What a cool idea! Is there a place for Canadians to donate shoes? I sure hope they bring in tons and are on their way very shortly. :)

  2. Hi Catherine! Thanks for the interest. There isn't a Canadian pick up location, however you can mail shoes to the PO Box address listed at the top of the flyer.

  3. We just went around our neighborhood yesterday and asked people for shoes we got like 11 pairs it was cool and weird at the same time. We have 2 houses to go back to today. EXCITED!!!!!!

    Anna Reed