Sunday, August 18, 2013

1st day of school & 1 month old

Wednesday was Ruslana's first day of school.  She had a great day!  She was happy to see the friends that she made last year and fortunately she's in the same class as a couple of them.  When I came to pick her up they were hugging her goodbye.  I'm so thankful for these sweet girls!  Her teacher is also great.  Ruslana told me that she loves her teacher because she is "nice, beautiful, and a good teacher."

Here she is on her first day of fourth grade:

We are so proud of the beautiful girl she is, inside and out, and how quickly she is learning English.  We hope she has a wonderful school year!

Levi turned 1 month old today. Time has gone by so fast! Other than wanting to eat all of the time, he's a pretty chill baby!  He's incredibly strong for a newborn and is always moving his arms and legs.  In fact, his moving made capturing photos of him that weren't a total blur quite difficult! Right now I'm guessing he'll either be a baseball pitcher or a drummer.  We are so thankful for our active little guy, he is such a blessing! 

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