Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 months home

I can't believe how much Ruslana has grown--both physically and emotionally--in the five months that we've been home.  Check out these pictures to see for yourself!

February/March 2013:

...five months later in America: 

What a beautiful young lady she is becoming!  It's been a joy to see her flourish in our home. 


  1. Beautiful photos of a lovely young lady.

  2. She is incredible beautiful!!! Im sohappy for you!!

  3. Avoneal has also gone the same transformation. These girls have gone from frail and pail to glowing and healthy! I know much of her beauty is really a reflection of all the love you have poured into her. Well done! (although she is pretty darn cute all on her own ha ha)


  4. It's amazing what the love of a family can do to the emotional and physical growth of a child! THANK YOU GOD!