Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ukrainian Beach Party & Our Newest Addition

A couple of weeks ago the host children from Ukraine (who were in Ruslana's groupa) came together and spent the day at the beach in Oceanside.  Since Levi was only four days old, Mark and I weren't in the position to go, but the grandmas came to the rescue and took our girl to see her friends.  We are so thankful that Ruslana has two wonderful grandmas who love her so much!

Ruslana had a blast digging in the sand, playing in the ocean (completely fearless), and seeing the children that she grew up with.

Amazingly, Ruslana has already begun to forget Ukrainian.  I had no idea this would come so quickly.  She has been here four months and her English is really coming along.  We were told that at the beach she would speak to her friends in English.  The poor kids must have been so confused!

Ruslana and Myroslav--one of her best friends
Maria (the orphanage director) and Ruslana
Our crazy girl
Katya, Denys, and Ruslana with Maria
Andriy & Ruslana with the DeHoog girls 
I hope these sweet children get adopted soon and have their very own family.  Every child deserves to have their own mama and papa to love them.

And because I just can't end the post without a mention of our other sweet baby, here's a few photos of our newbie, Levi:
Smiling cutie
Blue eyed babe
Sleepy stud
With his proud big sister
We are so blessed to have two wonderful children!


  1. Awwwwwww how cute. Ruslana must be very happy with a baby in the house. Hope She had a fun time at the beach. How are you guys doing? Hope to see you at church soon.

    Anna Reed

  2. Absolutely beautiful children. You are, indeed, blessed. Cava's already forgetting Ukrainian too. Part of me is sad to see him losing that part of himself.

  3. So precious! I especially love that last pic. xoxoxo