Thursday, September 19, 2013

11 year old in the house!

Ruslana's 11th birthday was on Saturday!  Because it was her first birthday celebration ever, we tried to make it extra special.

Her festivities began at school on Friday. I made cupcakes (or as Ruslana calls them "little cakes") and brought them, along with juice, to her classroom.  The children gathered around her and sang Happy Birthday.  This was a pretty epic moment because it was the first time anyone had ever sung Happy Birthday to her.
 After they sang and ate their cupcakes, she took off to play handball, her new favorite thing.
Her teachers gave her cards and candy.  She was so excited to receive them.  I'm so thankful for her sweet teachers.
When she woke up on her Birthday, I had the dining room decorated.  Mark was at Bible Study, so I told her she could only open one gift before he was home.  Her one gift was a Minnie Mouse tee shirt with a card that told her to put it on because we were going to Disneyland for the day!

Birthday donut and Capri Sun in a "fancy" glass
We picked Mark and the grandparents up on the way and off we went to the happiest place on earth.
Ruslana and Grandmother Jill
Mama and Ruslana--ready for a day of fun!
Our first ride--she loved it! My hair, on the other hand, didn't. Ha! 
11 year old beauty
Toy Story with papa
Autopia with Grandmother Jill
(The thought of her driving for real is absolutely frightening!)
Waiting in line with Grandmother & Grandfather
Papa and Ruslana
Mama and Ruslana
Grandfather, Ruslana, Grandmother, Levi, and Papa
Stop to the baby room with Levi
Eating at Pizza Port
First family trip to Disneyland
Ruslana had a wonderful time and smiled all day!  Now that we are pass holders we can't wait to go back.   When we got home we let her open up her other gift...a pink scooter! Here she is trying it out the next morning:
For the record...she loves wearing a helmet and wanted to wear her rollerblade pads on the scooter.
Sure, first!
And since birthdays should last all week, we're looking forward to her swim party this weekend. Stay tuned for more birthday fun!