Friday, October 4, 2013

Fundraiser for "Marjorie"

Ruslana's best friend, known as "Marjorie" on Reece's Rainbow, was hosted over the summer by a wonderful family (check out their blog here).  They fell in love with her and are now pursuing her adoption.  Look at how cute she is:

"Marjorie" and Ruslana during the hosting trip
Mark and I know personally how overwhelming the financial aspect of an international adoption can be.  But we also know that we have incredibly generous readers who have a heart for orphans.  So, let's rally together and help bring this girl home to California where she belongs! 

I'm hosting a gift basket raffle similar to the one we did during our fundraising. The winner of the raffle will take home ALL of the items listed below--valued at over $200! These would make great Christmas gifts! 
$50 Target Giftcard
$25 Starbucks Giftcard

"Weave Around" Handbag
"Silver Lining" Watch
"Flower Power" Wallet
"Fighting Snakes" iPhone 4/4s Case
"Shrinking Violet" Earrings

How does the raffle work? Make a donation by clicking on the donate button here:
For every $5, you receive an entry.  So, $10 will be two entries, $20 will be four entries, and so on. There is no limit to how many entries you can have. 

After you have made your initial entry by donating, you can get another entry just by sharing this raffle on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog! Just comment at the end of this page with a link to your post (or email me at 

Raffle entries will be sold until Saturday, October 19 at 7pm pacific time. Then the winner will be announced! 

Let the raffle begin!


  1. Hi Jenny! I donated and shared on my Facebook page. My page is set to private, but we're friends on FB so you should be able to see it. :) Best wishes!

  2. I hope people will donate to this!! "Marjorie" is a great girl and deserves a family!!!
    The blessings she will bring will be so special!!!!

  3. I just donated $20 towards "Marjorie's" adoption!
    Heather Keno

  4. Hi - Love this!! Just donated and also shared on my FB page (via the RR link). Thanks for helping your friend and this adorable girl! Jennifer Shirley essingtonjathotmaildotcom

  5. Hi, I just made a donation and posted on my FB page!!/holly.l.caulfield/posts/10151716913355838

  6. I donated $10 towards the family's adoption fund! I also shared on fb and twitter, hopefully some new faces will come your way! and (Brooke Adkins-Kirk on fb)
    (I apologize if this posts twice, feel free to delete one, the first one seems to have disappeared after I logged in)

  7. Thanks, Brooke! Did the paypal come through as Caps for Causes? I want to make sure and put the extra entry for sharing on the right name.