Thursday, October 3, 2013

Swim Party

To continue Ruslana's 11th birthday celebration, we had a swim party at our house last Saturday.  She invited some of her friends from school to join in on the family fun.  I think everyone had a great time eating cake, swimming, opening gifts, and enjoying the candy bar.  Check out some photos from the day:

Thanks to my mom for making the cake so beautiful!
And look, Kim Pellét, your Hello Kitty showed up for the party!
Having fun on her friends shoulders
Ruslana told her friend that she wanted chips and chocolate for her birthday. haha!!
Ruslana's friend brought her guitar to play Happy Birthday to her. So sweet!!!
Ruslana with her great grandparents
Enjoying the candy bar
What a blessing it was to celebrate our daughter's very first birthday in America! We hope this year is her very best yet. We look forward to seeing her continued growth.  


  1. What a super fun birthday party! Happy Birthday Ruslana!

  2. Yeah! Hello Kitty! What a fun party to celebrate an amazing girl!