Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mission Project

Ruslana is learning about the California missions at school and she was assigned a project on San Luis Obispo.  Over the Christmas break she built a model: 
On Friday she presented her model and a gave a PowerPoint presentation to her classmates and their parents: 
She did a really great job!  She wasn't nervous at all and knew all the answers to the questions that were asked.  At the end of the mission fair the fifth graders, parents, and a few teachers were given a piece of paper to vote for the best presentation, overall project, and most creative.   Well guess who walked in the door yesterday with a blue ribbon for best presentation?  Our girl!  She's only been an English learner for ten months and she won best presentation.  We are SO proud of her! 
Ruslana with her best presentation ribbon.
She wanted me to send this photo to Ukraine so everyone would know she won ;)
 We wanted to celebrate her big accomplishment so we let her pick what special thing she wanted to do.  We said we could go out for a pizza party, get ice cream, or she could pick something else. She said that she wanted to spend the evening playing at the YMCA.  So play we did!
Getting ready to swim with papa
Riding on papa's back while he did laps.  What a life!
After swimming she wanted to try out the exercise bike:

And chose to end the night with a game of Basketball: 

And wouldn't you know, she still wasn't tired after all this play time!  This girl is active!!!

We are so proud of the effort she put into her project and are thankful for this great confidence booster.   She has shown tremendous growth at home and at school over the last few months and we look forward to celebrating many more accomplishments in the future. 


  1. Congrats to Ruslana on her win! The project looked great and it looks like you guys had a blast at the Y!

  2. Yay Ruslana! She is learning English so fast! Is she in fourth grade? We had to do missions as well and building them was hard but my dad helped me. Mine looked something like that but hers looks better! :) I'm not surprised that she got first, she was born to be a winner!