Friday, May 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Wow, time flies when you're having fun!  The last two months have been jammed packed which has left me with little time to update the blog.  But fear not, I'll catch you up on what we've been up to! 

We celebrated Grandpa Jackson's birthday on March 26th.
Here's Ruslana with her handmade gift. 

Ruslana in front of her very own garden
at grandma and grandpas

Levi modeled his new summer look...

and hat.

We celebrated Ruslana being home for one year on March 31st
I celebrated a birthday on April 3
Ruslana tried out her rollerblades
Ruslana, on the Stallions, had her first ever soccer game.
She scored 5 goals!!!

The kids had their first egg hunt on Easter
Grandma Jill had a birthday

We moved to Santa Monica!

My packing buddy
Ruslana got a loft bed, pretty much her dream come true
Levi the explorer
We've made many trips to the beach

Levi's first time playing in the sand
California Girl
Introduced Ruslana to Pinks Hot Dogs and the Getty Museum
Celebrated Mother's Day

We went to Nashville, TN to see my
awesome friend Kristen get married.
It was Levi's first flight and he did great!
Introduced the kids to Southern cuisine at
Cracker Barrel
(this picture was taken after two spilled Diet Coke's
and an outfit change) 
Ruslana having fun at the Opryland Hotel
Ruslana at the rehearsal dinner
Ready for the wedding!
Flower girl and Bridesmaid
Ruslana with Linus, the ring bearer
With Kristen, the beautiful bride!
Daddy-daughter dancing
We've had a blast the past two months and have been blessed in so many ways.  We are looking forward to being beach bums this summer and exploring our new city!

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  1. Wow a lot HAS happened! Happy Birthday to everyone! So sad that you guys moved though. :(
    Yay Ruslana for all the goals. Levi is as cute as ever! (No seriously, the CUTEST baby I have ever seen!)
    We miss you guys!