Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!
We had a lot of fun celebrating Independence Day.  Ruslana had an especially great day. After having french toast for breakfast and In-n-Out for lunch, we obliged to her request of getting her ears pierced. We headed over to good ol' Claire's for the big event. She thought it was super cool that her middle name was the same as the store.
 Being the brave little girl that she is, she opted to not hold on to the stuffed teddy bear and grinned it out instead. Here she is getting marked for the perfect placement of her earrings.
We chose to have both piercings done at the same time so it would be over quick.
And before you know it, poof! My girl had pierced ears. She chose pink daisies and they looked adorable on her.

She spent the rest of the day walking around with her head up in the air showing off her earrings and talking about how excited she was about her new accessory. It was so cute seeing how much it meant to her.

The next stop was Sees Candy--admittedly, mamas request.  Since no words can suffice, I'll just say it was heaven on earth and leave it at that.
Milk Patty--my girl
But before we could get out of the mall the Sanrio Hello Kitty store made an appearance.  To Miss daisy ears delight, we went in and took a look.  She fell in love with a backpack and had to have it for school next year.  With a 20% off sale and an insistent cutie, the deal was sealed.  Here she is on cloud nine leaving the store with her new backpack and pierced ears!

Before we walked to the beach to watch fireworks, she said that someone in Ukraine told her that a firework was food exploding in the air.  Is this true, she asked?  We tried to hold back laughter as she explained that a red firework could be, say tomatoes (but not ketchup because they don't have ketchup in Ukraine), or other foods depending on the firework color. After explaining what fireworks really were, we all agreed that it was a good thing that fireworks weren't food or we'd end up with a real mess on our heads.

The night ended with the kids swinging on the playground in the sand with our dog Scarlett in toe.

We had a great day as a family and are so thankful and blessed to live in America.

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  1. That is so cute! How is she liking her earrings?