Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Musical

Ruslana had a Christmas musical at her school last week.  It was absolutely precious.  It featured all of the kids in her school--grades K-6--but of course Ruslana was the star to me ;-).

Here's the singer ready to go:

Levi giving Ruslana a hug for good luck
Ruslana, Levi, and Mama
Levi went crazy when he saw Ruslana come out on stage.  He pointed, clapped, and cheered.  It was seriously adorable.  He loves his big sister so much! 
"That's my sister!"

She had quite the audience cheering her on: 
Grandpa and Levi 
Levi, Grandma, and Daddy

Aunt Laura and Levi (and my moms hands as proof she was there too :)
After the children sang, Ruslana came and sat with us and "Santa" handed out a gift for each child. 
Ruslana and daddy
Ruslana got a Rainbow Loom, which she's had a lot of fun with!
Listening to classic Christmas songs and watching the kids in various skits was a great way to kick off the holiday season.  We are so thankful for her school and all of the Christian based teaching they provide. 

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