Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby Lady's Shower

A couple of weeks ago my mom and sister threw me a baby shower. It was perfect!!!
The brains behind the mom and sister, Laura
The food was delicious!  Chips, vegetables, salads, fruit cups, and different types of sandwiches...yum.  And the dessert bar?  Oh. my. word.  Donut holes on sticks, mud pies (my favorite) in little flower pots, and hand decorated sugar cookies (thanks Melanie!) were just a few of the many delicious delectables.  They even had a Shirley Temple bar in honor of one of my favorite drinks.
The decor was amazing. There were so many precious details, the pictures don't even do it justice!
I loved the personalized napkins
Having my closest friends and family there made the day very special: 

Six girls in this photo! :-)
The games and activities were a lot of fun.  Some of them included: 
Guessing how many buttons are in a jar
Writing a note to baby girl on a vintage spool.
The spool letters are now stored in the mason jar lamp shown above and
displayed in her room. 
Winner of "The Best Big Sister" award
Diaper Raffle
Gifts...we were spoiled rotten!
For a favor, guests could arrange their own flower bouquet to take home: 

I may be bias, but I'm pretty sure my shower was the cutest one in history!  I'm so thankful to my mom and sister for putting so much work and thought into making the day so special.  And to all of my friends and family for showering baby girl with so much love.  We are so lucky!