Thursday, July 23, 2015

Levi is 2!

Levi turned TWO on Saturday! I can hardly believe it.  He's turning into such a big boy!

Mark and I got him a play kitchen for his big day.  Future chef, perhaps?  This thing is sweet, it has a boiling water noise on the stove, a beeping microwave, a phone, and lots of other gadgets.  Since his birthday,  I've been enjoying breakfast in bed from the kids.  Today I had "sliced peaches" and "spaghetti"--best play food I've ever had. :)
Levi with a play ice cream cone

To celebrate his birthday, our first stop was In-n-Out.  It's one of his favorite restaurants (he's a very smart boy).

Next up we went to monkey around the Los Angeles Zoo (see what I did there?): 
The birthday gang--Ruslana, my mom, Mark's mom and dad, Mark,
Levi and Marigold in the stroller, me, James, and my sister, Laura.

Marigold in front of a sign made just for her!

Levi's favorite animal was the hippopotamus. 

After we got our animal fix, we headed back to our house for cake and ice cream and to open presents: 
We had a Mickey Mouse (or as Levi calls Mickey, "dee-dee") themed party 

Ruslana got Levi a set of cars, which he has LOVED playing with!
Unfortunately my dad couldn't join in on the birthday fun, but he came over another day to play with the kids and give Levi his birthday gifts.

Levi with his new balance bike
We had such a fun filled weekend celebrating our big 2 year old and spending time with our family.  It's true what they say--time goes so fast!

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