Sunday, November 1, 2015


We had a happy Halloween!  I'll admit, it was a tough act following up the In-n-Out costumes last year.  I mean, how do you top Ruslana's french fries and Levi's worker costume? Well, I guess you don't.  But we decided on a Fiesta theme this year, and we ended up having a lot of fun with it.  Olé!

To bring the fun to the fiesta, Marigold was a piñata! Filled with sweetness, here she is: 
No whacking allowed! :) 
Of course every party go-er needs an entertaining host, so Levi was a maraca playing amigo! 
And what's a fiesta without some authentic décor?  Ruslana was a cactus! 
Just like a cactus, this girl thrives outside in the sun! 
And since Levi couldn't party alone, wouldn't you know it, Frida Kahlo made an appearance! 

To make sure the fiesta didn't get too out of control, don't worry--there were chaperones: 

We first brought the party to my dads house for a quick visit: 
Levi said anything before 10:00 pm is way too early to party, so he wasn't feeling his poncho at the moment.  I'll also note that I had a sweet 'stache planned for him, but that didn't happen.  Who knew a 2 year old wouldn't want a fake mustache on their face?!

After visiting with my dad, we headed over to my mom's house to go trick-or-treating.  We went down our old street with my mom and father-in-law.  It was so cute seeing Ruslana and Levi in action!  Levi made sure to say thank you to each piece of candy he got, as well as say "bye-bye!" to each candy giver.  And Ruslana's costume was quite a hit!  She got extra candy at several houses due to the creativity of her costume.  Score!  And last but not least, Marigold, I mean the piñata, was an angel while the "big" kids gathered candy--she didn't make a peep! 

After we finished trick or treating, the kids checked out their loot: 
Levi: "Mama, choc (aka chocolate)?!!!" 
We had a fun family night and made some great memories together.  Plus we have a ton of candy to eat, so I'd say it was a pretty successful night!