Wednesday, December 23, 2015


We were blessed to spend time with family over a two-day Thanksgiving celebration.

First up was hanging out with my dad on Thanksgiving morning:

Even a portable chemo pack won't slow this grandpa down.
I love this photo of him playing with his grandkids. 

Miss Marigold had sweet potatoes on her
first Thanksgiving.  She loves to eat!

We finished the night watching Star Wars.  
I think this may be a new Thanksgiving tradition for us!
There are very few things that hold the attention of an adult, teenager, and toddler, 
but Star Wars fit the bill!
The next day we went to Mark's parents house to celebrate with his side of the family and my mom.  My father-in-law made this awesome table so we could all sit together.  Isn't it amazing?!  I have a feeling he could have quite the business selling these!

Do you think she's loved? :) 

Michelle got to meet all of our kids for the first time.
We were so excited to see her!

Cousin play time is the best!

This year I am particularly thankful for my wonderful family.