Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I love, love, love costumes and look forward to doing my kids every year! This year we did a Mary Poppins theme! So without further ado...

Here is Miss Marry Poppins herself!

Practically perfect in every way, if I do say so myself! 😀

What's Mary without Bert?!

Cutest one man band in town!
And because Mary and Bert needed some supervision....the mom from Mary Poppins had to make an appearance!
Miss Marigold is a sister suffragette!
And I played myself, the maid 😂

And keeping with tradition, Scarlett had to join in the fun too!  She played Andrew the dog: 

Here they are--Mary, Bert, and "Mom"--ready to go trick or treating!

Levi's candy bag was attached to his accordion, so every time he opened up his candy bag it would play!
It was quite a hit! 

 We stopped in at my moms for some pictures:

We had a great time trick or treating and I can't wait to dress up again next year!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Ruslana!

Ruslana turned 14 on September 14!!  Can you believe it?! We sure can't!

To kick off the celebration after school, she got her hair cut!

Here's a before and after shot, I think it looks great! 
Then we had a dinner of her choice (death bowls...don't ask!), cake and ice cream, and opened presents!

Trying out one of her presents--a new backpack

Then on the weekend we took her to John's Incredible Pizza with some friends:

 Everyone had a lot of fun, including the littlest members of the crew!

And because she's such a star, she had a little family gathering a few days later!

We love our 14 year old so much and are thankful to have family and friends to celebrate how special she is!