Monday, December 26, 2016


We had a Merry Christmas with family, but I sure missed spending Christmas Eve with my dad! While the pain of not having him here will never subside, I'm glad the rest of the family could get together to reminisce about Him and create new memories together.  Get ready for a big photo dump!

Christmas Eve:

Scarlett loves Ruslana

Playing with cousin Luke 
Grandma Melanie made ALL of those stockings! SO impressive.

After a fun evening at my in-laws, we came home and each kid opened a box with some PJ's and a Christmas book, and we drank hot chocolate and watched a Christmas movie--Home Alone! Such a classic.

 Finally asleep, awaiting Christmas morning!
And after what seemed like the longest night of history, Christmas morning came! 

Mark's sister, Erin, and her baby/our nephew, Luke
Marigold getting ready for Christmas dinner, admiring her red bow (she is SUCH a girly girl!): 



Daddy's girl

Marigold with Grandma Melanie
Levi's taking the older cousin role very seriously

Grandma Jill came to the rescue and granted his Santa wish--he got a pogo stick!
She really is the best. 

 And to finish off the Christmas festivities, we had a Christmas dinner with extended family a few days later:

I can't wait for it to be Christmas again! 

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