Friday, March 11, 2016


 Last month we went on a quick trip to Dallas and Nashville.  We had so much fun!

Here we are taking off:

Marigold's first flight.
She did great!  She smiled and made friends
with everyone around her. 

Our first stop when we landed in Dallas?  Barbecue, of course.  And wow was it delicious.

After lunch, we went to the Kennedy museum and saw where President Kennedy was assassinated.

 This little beauty officially took off crawling in our Dallas hotel room.  Isn't she the cutest?

The next day in Dallas we went to Avila's for Tex-Mex.  It has been featured on a lot of TV shows and has raving reviews.  Well, the food didn't disappoint.  We're still talking about how good this place was.  In fact, I could really go for some brisket tacos right about now.

To further our presidential education, we checked out the George W. Library on the SMU campus.  It was incredibly nice--the best presidential library we've ever been to.

The sculpture behind Ruslana was a gift from
the Ukrainian president to the Bush family. 
Levi reading a Clifford book in the kid's reading room.
All the reading paid off, here's Levi
sitting in as president in the replica room of the oval office. 
Ruslana in front of a picture of Laura Bush
on a trip Ukraine. 

Jackson girls 

Our next destination was Nashville, our home away from home.  Mark and I lived there for three years when we were in school.

Marigold in her black fur coat.
Because every baby needs one to go to
Cracker Barrel. 
We went and checked out Lipscomb University, where I went to college.  I graduated as valedictorian of my college class and genuinely loved every minute of going to school here.  Go Bisons!

The next day was a long day in coming--I was reunited with my best friend, Kristen!
 I threw her a baby shower.

 I thought it turned out pretty cute, just like her pregnant belly!

While I was at the baby shower, Mark took the kids to his alma matter, Vanderbilt University, where he went to law school.  Yeah, he's a stud.

We spent Superbowl Sunday hanging out at Kristen's house:

Then ate at Cracker Barrel one last time...

and flew home to Los Angeles.

And what would a vacation post be without another food mention?  When we got back home we stopped at our tried-and-true In-n-Out. 

Levi is always up for a good time! 

 We had a really fun time visiting Texas and Tennessee and can't wait for our next family vacation!

Ruslana: Sporty Spice

Ruslana LOVES sports and is quite the athlete.  She's oozing with natural talent and always has a blast no matter what she's playing.  This year she made the JV volleyball and basketball team.  We were so proud of her and enjoy watching her play.

Here she is playing volleyball:

At the sports awards, she won the "Enthusiastic Award."  Her teacher talked about her joyful spirit and ability to always make the team laugh.

Next came basketball season:

At this sports awards, she won the "Hustler Award."  Watch the video below to see why (hint: look out Steph Curry!):

And in just a couple of weeks she starts soccer.  I can't wait to see her skills--I think that's her strongest sport of them all!